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Low and hi tech communication

Bullimbal School uses aided language input and output in all classrooms.

We believe that every individual with complex communication needs is entitled to both low and high tech AAC to give them a voice in all environments.

All classrooms at Bullimbal School model the use of PODD across the school day.  PODD is available both as a low-tech communication book and also as an iPad app.  

Many classrooms at Bullimbal School also use Proloquo2Go.  Proloquo2Go is available as an iPad app.  There are also some low tech resources available to support its use, such as the Core Board and posters.  These are also in common use in the school.

It is important that each student (and staff member) has access to both low and high tech AAC for a range of reasons.  For example, there are times in every day when an iPad might not be available for modelling.  This could be due to lack of battery, the environment e.g. during a water play activity, or just because it is out of reach.  The low-tech boards ensure we still have AAC available at all times without having to worry about these factors. They also have the advantage of being wearable so they are with us at all times.  

We also understand the importance of high tech as it produces voice output, enables access to features such as text-to-speech and offers more  just-in-time AAC features that let us add vocabulary on the go.

Please note: Bullimbal School recognises that there are a range of AAC options and that different individuals may require different options.  We are happy to support any comprehensive AAC system recommended by a speech pathologist for an individual student.