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Communication assessment

There is one main communication assessment tool used at Bullimbal School to determine communication goals and progress. 

The Pragmatic Profile of Everyday Communication Skills in Children (Hazel Dewart and Susie Summers)

The Pragmatic Profile of Everyday Communication Skills in Children was developed by Hazel Dewart and Susie Summers in 1995. It takes a pragmatic approach to communication development, focusing on how the child communicates in everyday life.

It consists of a structured interview, which is carried out in an informal way with a parent, teacher or other carer. It provides a qualitative picture of the child’s typical communicative behaviours. This information can then be used for planning intervention that is grounded in everyday communicative needs, in partnership with those who are in closest contact with the child. 

Individual Student Assessments

The students’ assessments enable the setting of appropriate goals, which are then added to each student’s Personalised Learning and Support Plan.

Overall School Communication Data

Individual and whole school data is captured throughout the school year to inform teaching and learning programs.